The San Blas Marathon and its Board of Directors, concerned for the health of the citizens of Puerto Rico, have reserved this space to promote the following non-profit organizations dedicated to the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Our mission is to assist these institutions with our modest economic contributions. We invite you to also share what you can to improve the quality of life of those in need.


La Fundación de Cancer y Salud de Puerto Rico, Inc. (previously Asociación para la Lucha contra el Cáncer) is a non-profit organization established on the South of the Island in 1945 by Dr. Manuel de la Pila Iglesias and a group of distinguished citizens, who joined to offer an alternative to cancer patients from the South, East and West of Puerto Rico.


Mission: Non-profit entity, we want to contribute to the improvement of life quality with education, prevention and treatment.


Vision:  To become the most important Cancer Foundation in Puerto Rico, with PREVENTION, SUPPORT AND EDUCATION as our north.    




Fundación de Cancer y Salud de Puerto Rico, Inc.

PO Box 336780

Ponce, Puerto Rico 00733-6780

Phone: (787) 812-3577 & (787) 848-0800 EXT. 2408, 2409

Fax: (787) 843-1800





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