Messages of our Officials  

Maratón San Blas, Inc.

Fraternidad Delta Phi Delta

PO Box 60

Coamo, Puerto Rico  00769


Sr. Antonio Rodríguez Colón

Chancelor / President

Fraternidad Delta Phi Delta

Maratón San Blas, Inc.








It is a pleasure to invite you to our fifty-fourth edition of the world's most famous half marathon, Medio Maratón San Blas, here in our beloved city of Coamo. It has been 54 years that the people of Coamo have ​proudly received thousands of visitors, especially the international and national athletes who grace this event. This is a new and exciting year for us due to the changes we have made; we brought back the traditional finish of the race in downtown Coamo along with a brand new shotgun start for the half marathon.


A fraternal greeting to the people of Coamo, athletes and visitors to the great sporting event of the Half Marathon San Blas.


It is an honor and a pleasure to invite you to celebrate the fifty-fifth edition of the world's most famous event, the San Blas Half Marathon, here in our beloved town Coamo. It is 55 years that the coameños are proud to receive thousands of visitors and above all, the international and national athletes, who spruce up this event.


Delta Phi Delta Fraternity and the Organizing Committee we are very grateful to have the support of all of you. This event is much more than a race, it is the culture and tradition of a people that unite to give the best to all its visitors, for that reason we work hard year after year to maintain its high level of excellence.


Come to Coamo and feel the human warmth of our people and the pride we feel, this for the celebration of our event, a contribution to the sport of fondism, our people, our people and the world, the San Marathon Half Blas.  


Long Live the culture and tradition of our people of Coamo!  Long Live San Blas!



Sr. Videlio Colón

Executive Director

Maratón San Blas, Inc.





This year we wrote one more page in the history of Puerto Rican fondismo (long-distance). The Half Marathon San Blas celebrates the 55th edition. During all the past editions we have demonstrated consistency in the quality of athletes brought from different parts of the world to run through the streets of our town. In this edition we present again to Coamo, to Puerto Rico and the world a chosen of international first level athletes.


We also want to recognize all those runners elites and juggers of the court that year after year decide to accept the challenge of overcoming the already famous slope of "El ajoguillo".


The worldwide recognition that our event has given rise to the words expressed by Elfren Bernier, Esq. in which he distinguishes Coamo as the "Center of the Universe". In the Delta Phi Delta Fraternity we are proud to have been able to make known the San Blas Half Marathon in the seven continents and that thousands of international riders want to participate in the race and thus give weight to their sport resume.


We want to invite everyone to join us this next February 5, 2017, at 7:00 in the morning, to enjoy the sporty delicacy that we have prepared for this edition number 55.


We wait for you,